Business Visa UK 2022

Applying Business Visa UK in 2022 is easier than getting Work Permit as a skilled person and apply for UK Visa. If you want to setup and grow your business in the UK, apply for your permanent settlement for you and for your family, then Business Visa 2022 is the best option for you.

It is Barrister shazia Anjum with 15 years UK Immigration experience, and I am happy to help immigrants to live their better life. If you are a skilled person such as Health Carer, Teacher, Engineer, Architecture, Web designer, Interior Designer, Manager of a business, Chief Executive Officer of a company, a Director, Developers; and have ambitions to start your own small business in the UK, we are here to help you to Set Up that business and get your settlement in the UK on that business, for you and for your family. You are living outside the UK, and want to settle in the UK with your family on Business Visa, here are some steps you will need to take before setting up your business and come to UK with your family members.

Setting Up your Business in the UK and getting Business Visa for you can take up Two Months time when all your documents will be ready to apply. There are number of options you can choose from, but the first one will be “Start Up business Visa”: if you are going to set up completely new business and you do not have to have funds in your bank account for this visa. You will need to show your expertise and skills in which field you want to start up your business.

This information is about the requirements of such visas, Fees you will have to spend, Documents that you need for your business, Key issues that need to be considered. Here is the complete guide to tell you the requirements, process, steps that you need to take and the costs involved in this Business Visa. If you need to ask quick question, need to get further guidance and help, here is my personal contact number to speak to me on Whats App 00447870959175 . Send me a short text message and I will get back to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much the fee will be?

It will cost you £1875 for visa fee and Health insurance, plus maintenance of £1270 in your bank statement.

Who Will Qualify For Business Visa?

You will qualify if you are a senior employee in your company in your country.
You are a teacher, doctor, nurse, restaurant cheff, tailor, mechanical enginner, lawyer, construction worker.
You are a skilled person, chief executive in property business, medical clinique, private school,

What are the Requirements for Business Visa?

You must be able to pass B1 English Test for this business set up immigration.
You will need to have maintenance funds in your bank account for at least 28 days.
You must demonstrate qualification letters or letter of appointment from your company to prove that you are a skilled person.

How much should be the salary?

Your salary is £2000 approximately or minimum (Equivalent to 5 Lac PK Rupees) in your home country company, and you are receiving that in your bank account every month or quarterly.

Who will deal with my case?

Upon availability, Barrister Shazia Anjum will directly deal or supervise your matter or other collegues in association. However if you want Barrister Shazia Anjum to dela with your case directly, send your email or text message on 00447870959175 for your convenience.

Do I have to attend appointment in person?

No, you can book your appointment over the phone or via team software for video consultation. Findout out more on

What Documents do I have to prepare?

You will be provided with comprehensive list of documents in two stages afte having consultation with out specialist.

Establish your business in UK

Speak to Barrister Shazia Anjum directly on 00447870959175 (Whats App) International Enquiries or email at and our team members will deal with your enquiries.

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