Partner Visa

Parents Of British Child Visa

Partner Visa

Sometime you can apply under spouse visa route because of issues in your life such as Income requirements, English Test Difficulties, Relationship issues, or accommodation issues. When you are the primary carer of your British Child, you have this route to apply as parents of British Child UK Visa.

Requirements for Parents Visa

  • Your child is under 18 years old,
  • you have the sole responsibilities,
  • you are facing serious hardships in your life,
  • Child is living with you outside the UK, and
  • You do not have any visa and you need UK Visa to bring your children to UK.

This route will be the best option for you to apply and get direct settlement in the UK.


Audio Lesson on PArents Visa UK


  1. Your passport copy,
  2. Childs Birth Certificate,
  3. Child’s passport copy,
  4. Your CNIC copy,
  5. Marriage certificate
Partner Visa

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