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Shazia Anjum is not only an immigration Barrister but International Human Rights Advocate and is one of the lawyers who dedicate their life to get justice for their clients from the authorities and the Courts.

Frequently asked questions

To know the strengths andweakness of your case. You will also know how to remove your weak points in your case and make your case strong and winnable.
No, you can book online, via team video call and over the phone to understand the outcomes of your case. In these days, even Court hearings are taking place remotely: sometime by video link and sometime via audio link and even over the conference call where all parties submit their submissions.
It depends upon seriousness of nature of case and complexity of your matter. It starts from £60 and goes upto £250 and £500. The more extensive consultation include assessment of your papers and advice upon amending, or adding the strategy of your evidence.
Text directly on 00447870959175 (Whats App) and text your short question and Barrister Shazia has very kindly dedicated her 25% for free advice to community and immigrants. She takes these texts personally and answer you directly.

UK Immigration and Visa Matters

  1. On this page you will find useful information on the following immigration matters:
  2. Spouse Visa UK
  3. Parents Of British Child Visa UK
  4. Primary Carer Visa
  5. Human Rights Applications
  6. Discretionary Leave To Remain.

UK Appeal

Barrister Shazia Anjum has represented not only in immigration tribunal, upper tribunal but also in the High Court of Justice in London and has achieved woderful results in International Cases.

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20 Years Experience

Award winning BArrister Shazia Anjum is dedicated to help community and clients in their most vulnerable times of life. She is courageous and comes accross to the best strategy which give the successful outcomes to the clients’ cases. She has won not only international children custody case in the High Court London, but helped to release many detainees from the detention centre and protected thier human rights. Her specialities in UK Immigration include Family Visa, Dependent Children Visa, Mother Visa and Equally Father visa, pouse Visa without income threshold under the Human Rights grounds, child adoption visa and matters.
With the extensive knowledge and experience in multiple countries she takes care of the clinet’s success fearlessly.

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Our History

We have 20 years experience and have Dedicated Professionals with duty of care, hardworking and result orientated who give you the outcomes in the most complex cases.

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To bring families closer and raise their standards so that they are clear in their decision and live with dignity by following the right process.

Family Visa Registration

We are glad that you have reached here, please fill in the form below and Barrister Shazia Anjum will contact you. She has successfully applied for many immigrants to achieve their result, and if you want to have the same result please be committed to us and we will deliver our best.

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What’s The Problem?

Whether you are applying for the first time or you have applied multiple times with no success and previous refusals, still you have so many options left for you including outside immigration rules applications, human rights applications and under the exceptional circumstances and serious hardship rules applications. To discuss further how can you be successful in applying UK visa and Immigration book your initial consultation with Barrister Shazia Anjum and she will tell you the right strategy in a simple way without complications. She loves helping others and finding the way around for the vulnerable people who struggle to find the justice you deserve.