Discretionary Leave To Remain

You apply your discretionary leave to remain when your asylum application fails and you are unable to get your refugee status. However, it does not mean that your other options are closed. You can still apply successfully under Discretionary Leave To Remain where the Home Office can grant you 30 months leave if they are satisfied about your serious hardships in your life.

Information that you would need to apply for Discretionary Leave To Remain in the Home Office:

  1. Your email address and contact details including current address,
  2. Passport copy, and previous visa copies?
  3. Have you had your biometric done previously?
  4. Did you have any family member or married to any British Citizen? If So, Provide details,
  5. After completing your 10 years on DLR you will be able to apply for Indefinite Leave To Remain. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/indefinite-leave-to-remain-in-the-uk
  6. You will need your addresses history in the UK as well as current address,
  7. Your National Insurance Number (if issued any)?
  8. Do you have family members in your home country? If So, How Many and if they are willing to support you>? If not why not and what are change in circumstances since you have come to the UK such as any death of family member or any security threats?
  9. Do you have friends and family members in the UK such as cousins, Aunties, Uncles?
  10. How is your medical condition? Are you taking any anti-depressant medicine and any other physical health issues? Provide GP letter/reports to support your facts?
  11. What have you been doing since you have entered into the UK, prepare one page report starting with dates, with yearly update?
  12. Prepare all refusals/decisions of the Court of your previous applications?

If you need further help or have any question whilst preparing your application, you can directly text me on 00447870959175 (Whats App) and I will guide you further.

Apply for Discretionary Leave to Remain instead of staying unlawfully in the UK

The reasons: Why could you not go back, what were your compelling circumstances?

Why you want to stay in the UK? Such as more learning, working, or spending your whole life in the UK?

If you are having medical issues how much severe they are or whether you will be able to get treatment in your home country? Send Doctors’ letters, Psychiatric reports or counselling session letter?

Do you have any accommodation if not who is providing you the accommodation and financial support, will you be able to send proof of that?

Write 10 Chronology of important events regarding your immigration history and serious hardships, starting with the date? i.e. visas and refusal history, medical conditions, family life events dates, your work and education progress if any?

You must provide all the reasons to wanting to stay in the UK?

Are there factors, which would make it difficult or impossible to integrate in that country?

How many direct family members do you have in your country?

Have you ever lived for 5 years in any other country and are there any family members living in the third country where they might send you back?

How long have you been living in the present address?

You must provide other reasons living in the UK? Any family life or exceptional circumstances?

You must provide any family life or exceptional circumstances? Further reading will be available on the below link for your Discretionary Leave To Remain Application:


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