EU Settlement Scheme

EU Settlement Scheme has the facility of extension to apply for your family members through transitional route if you have reason to apply late, and there is a process to apply. Most people think that they can no longer apply for their family members under EU Settlement Scheme. They are wrong as they do not know that you can still apply under transitional route if you can prove that why can you not apply before.

You can apply with late application reasons as family members of European National who is living in the UK, and has had settled status before December 2020.

Further information, email us on or urgent enquiries directly on 00447870959175 (Whats App). You can also book a consultation call to discuss if you qualify under this category. #EU settlement Scheme #FamilyMemberofEU #FamilyPermit2022 #NewrulesforEUmembers . Apply now before it is too late to apply.